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Thina ke mbokodo ke bozza – The Republic

16 March 2022
She went head-to-head with Mthembu and Radebe and came out on top.
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If you watched this past Sunday’s episode of #TheRepublicMzansi then Thina is living rent-free in your head. If you missed it, make sure you catch up on the DStv app or on Showmax.

It is a moment never to be missed: Just when Mthembu and Radebe thought they had killed President Lufuno Mulaudzi and cornered Sizwe and Thina to frame them for the murder, Thina pulled out an AK47 and shot at the criminals before her.

No one could have predicted that she could be so brave, even Sizwe was shocked to see that side of his new girlfriend but Thina showed him that she fears no one and is a mbokodo aka a bozza.

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