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The incorruptible president – The Republic

23 February 2022
A president of noble character who can find? Madame President Lufuno Mulaudzi is such an incorruptible and noble president.
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Deputy President MK was sure that he had hatched the perfect plan to get himself the number one seat. He would get Presidnet Mulaudzi to implicate herself to protect her brother and just like thst, she would be exposed as a corrupt president and forced to step down from her seat.

However, what he didn’t plan for was Mulaudzi incorruptible spirit, He couldn’t have possibly calculated that integrity and serving the people meantso much to her that she would be willing to let her brother face the consequences of his actions rather than to save him at her and the country’s expense.

While MK and his cronies were severely disappointed, Mzansi viewers were incredibly proud of #TheRepublicMzansi’s president and how she stood up for what is right and the people of her country above her own flesh and blood.

Bridget also recevied special mention for being the most honourable minister in the presidency. 

And MK just can't get the president to implicate herself or make a mstake that would cost her the presidency. 

Will MK ever outsmart and outwit the president? Stay tuned to #TheRepublicMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to find out.