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President Mulaudzi vs MK – The Republic

06 March 2022
Now that Madame President know about MK’s underhanded dealings, the real presidential race begins.

The moment all the Presidnet Mulaudzi fans have been waiting for has finally come and we are ready for the political showdown of the year. For months, Mkhuseleli Mthembu has been planning madame president’s demise under her nose and behind her back. So good was he at keeping his underhanded tactics hidden that she trusted him enough to appoint him as her deputy president.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Victor the Russian plead for his life in South Africa at the feet of the president with tears and some interesting information for her to consider: that the man behind the protests and the theft of the Ndlovu Report is infact her newly appointed right-hand man, MK.

What will the president do with the information? Just last week she handed her own brother over to the authorities for his involvement in corruption. So if she could do that to her own brother, how much more will she punish her enemies. President Mulaudzi is no stranger to fighting, in her own words she has been fighting since she left home as a teenager to join the struggle for South Africa’s emancicpation from Apartheid.

However, now may be her toughest battle yet because MK, as a former Minister of Police is himself no stranger to war and battle. How will she fight against a man who is not afraid to break the law and even kill when in contrast, the president does everything by the book?

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