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Mzansi thinks Bridget is blinded by love – The Republic

25 January 2022
Bridget shared Madame President Lufuno Mulaudzi’s secret plan to lover and Mzansi viewers are livid.
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There were mixed rections to Bridget Ranaka during the fourth episode of The Republic.

Some viewers called Bridget “a popeye” (someone who is blind sided) and wondered when she would wake up to see the truth. Here’s why…

In this episode, Bridget reveals to her lover,  Minister of Police Mkhuseleli Mthembu, that President Lufuno Mulaudzi has a plan to resign. This was a private conversation she had with President Mulaudzi.

It seems like Bridget is caught in a triangle between her employer and her lover, who is trying to take President Mulaudzi seat as number one citizen.

On the one hand, her loyalty lies with her employer, President Mulaudzi: . Bridget, who is Mulaudzi’s right hand person, goes all out to make sure that President Mulaudzi changes her mind about her resignation. She even believes that Mthembu would help her on this.

However, Mthembu is eyeing the President’s position – this is unknown to Bridget. In the meantime, while Mthembu whispers sweet nothings into Bridget’s ears, he later declares to his wife that his involvement with Bridget (and others) is purely for business reasons.

In the end, the President changed her mind about her resignation – all thanks to Bridget.

Later, when President Mulaudzi questions whether Mthembu is one of her enemies, Bridget disagrees with her. She told the President that she believes Mthembu won’t betray her trust because he loves her. 

Yet at the end of the episode, we see that Mthembu makes a call to his crony to organise a hit on Bridget and the President. Will Bridget see through Mthembu aka MK as she affectionately calls him? Stay tuned to 

Viewers just can’t believe Briget could be this blinded by love!

Will Bridget see through Mthembu aka MK as she affectionately calls him? Stay tuned to #TheRepublicMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to find out.