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How Thina and Sizwe's love is giving us the feels in The Republic

11 February 2022
Mzansi has been rooting for the relationship of Sizwe and Thina in The Republic.
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Sizwe and Thina’s relationship started blossoming when the lootings took place in Tembisa in the TV series, The Republic.

For those of you who don’t know, Thina (played by actress Noxolo Dlamini) was a shop assistant when the lootings happened. She was in trouble with tsotsi’s (gangsters) who wanted the key to get money out of her employer’s safe. Sizwe (played by actor Lemogang Tsipa) became aware of the commotion and came to Thina's rescue. At the time, Thina and Sizwe were strangers to each other.

Sizwe got injured and Thina (who is a nursing graduate) made sure his wound would be taken care of. Later we saw Thina and Sizwe hiding from a cop, Captain Radebe, and they overheard him revealing a big secret.

Mzansi has been rooting for Sizwe and Thina since day one; many have said that the two does look good together.

Here’s why we are rooting for Thina and Sizwe:

1. They have a few things in common

They’re both care takers of a single parent and siblings
Thina looks after her unemployed dad, who is an alcoholic. Sizwe looks after his mother, who is diabetic – he even makes sure she eats and gets her medication on time. Both of them have younger siblings.

They don’t give up easily
Both Thina and Sizwe are very vocal about things that are important to them, even if they don’t agree on everything – Thina wants to fight for what’s right and go to the media about Radebe, but Sizwe disagrees. They both overcame the lootings and situations like Sizwe being in jail and Sizwe’s mother not getting medication at the clinic.

2. They’re hopeful despite their circumstances

Thina’s father is dubbed as “toxic” by Mzansi, while Sizwe’s mother is sometimes a rebel when it comes to taking her medication (she didn’t eat when Sizwe was in jail, and she gave away some of her medication to a neighbour). Sizwe is unemployed and Thina’s family is living hand to mouth because her father is unemployed. Despite this, both their families look up to Sizwe and Thina for a hopeful situation.

3. They’re falling in love amidst the chaos

Mzansi is happy that there is something different to the chaos happening around them – besides the looting, life in the Parliament is hectic because the President cannot trust her Ministers, one of which wants to kill the President.

4. Thina and Sizwe might be the key to Radebe and MK’s downfall

Sizwe and Thina knows Captain Radebe and MK's secret, this is the information that the President is looking for at the moment. Meanwhile, MK and Radebe is planning the President's downfall.

5. They’re relatable

Thina’s heart-wrenching moments with her brother and father were times that touched the heart strings of many in Mzansi. When Sizwe revealed to Thina that he is a baby daddy, and the time she got a new job, many in Mzansi had something to say about these scenes. 

Viewers are rooting for Sizwe and Thina, whether individually or as a couple.

Will Thina and Sizwe’s love for each other deepen as they face the obstacles in The Republic? Stay tuned to #TheRepublicMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to find out.