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QUIZ: Which Ranaka are you most like?

24 February 2022
You know who your fav is but which Ranaka family member are you most like.

  1. Which Ranaka family member are you most like?

You know who your fav is but which Ranaka family member are you most like.

  1. How important is culture and family traditions to you
    1. It is the cornerstone of every family’s existence and future (Ntate)
    2. It is incredibly important and to be revered but it is also always evolving (Dineo)
    3. I might not always know a lot about it but I am always open to learn (Mzi)
    4. Look, if there is a gathering or ritual I will be there and help (Ranaka)
    5. I think culture is important but I also like to make my own family traditions (Manaka)
    6. I am always willing to support a family member’s journey (Mpumi)
    7. I love keeping family traditions alive


  1. What is your idea of the perfect weekend to unwind
    1. Time spent away with the family always has me relaxed
    2. Sometimes I love an unplanned sho’t left and other times I like to take time to myself and just switch off
    3. A weekend away with my bae or with the boys
    4. I am open to a good time and good vibes, that gets me relaxed
    5. Time to myself or time with good friend when I have time
    6. I think time spent with self, reflecting and always being real is the best way to get rid of stress and fatigue
    7. A weekend a away with the girls, wine and dancing is my perfect way to unwind


  1. What is the one thing that makes you angry the most?
    1. Being told I didn’t do something that I know I did my best to do
    2. Being disrespected
    3. People who like to get in business uninvited
    4. I am not easily angered but I’d say not being heard
    5. Being disrespected and undermined
    6. A person speaking to me or treating me carelessly
    7. A person who cannot hear or listen to the views and ideas of other. Also, people who are inconsiderate of others


  1. What are some of the things that make you happy?
    1. My family and delving into history and culture
    2. Anything or anyone that brings me closer to self and my highest purpose
    3. Family, peace, good times and laughs
    4. People that allow me to be myself
    5. My family, good friends and giving back through my work and my time
    6. Finally choosing myself
    7. My family, talking with a friend and continuing with important lessons and traditions


  1. What are your thoughts on change?
    1. Change is inevitable but you must be aware of it and not lose sight of what will never change
    2. You can’t stop change, so I am open to change and the lesson and opportunities it presents
    3. Change is inevitable but I think I try embraced it with a bit of caution and being present in that moment
    4. Change is the part that makes life interesting
    5. Change is inevitable and sometimes it happens to us but I am also always ready to make changes where it is necessary for me
    6. Change is good and I have been so much happier with the changes I have made and the some of the changes that have happened to me for me to explore new things and avenues
    7. Change is part of life and I have learned to be open to learning and constantly evolving


So which Ranaka are you most like?

Mostly A’s: Ntate Ranaka

Mostly B’s: Dineo Ranaka

Mostly C’s: Mzi Ranaka

Mostly D’s: Ranaka Ranaka

Mostly E’s: Manaka Ranaka

Mostly F’s: Mpumi Ranaka

Mostly G’s: Mama Siba