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Katlego’s 21st with a twist – The Ranakas

24 March 2022
Teletubbies, fairies, witches and lots of speeches made up Katlego’s quirky day.
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In conventional contemporary African families, when a young lady or young man turns 21, they get gifted a key by the elders in the family. The key is symbolic of the key to the door of the house, implying that the child has now grown up enough to come and go without needed parents or elders to open the house and without a curfew. However, it is also, metaphorically speaking, the key to adulthood and all the freedom as well as responsibility that comes with it.

One thing about The Ranaka family, they don’t do thinks as one or anyone would expect them to. When it came time for Katlego’s 21st, instead of a key her mother wanted to create a circle of life with the people most important in her daughter’s life giving her love and advice.

And the twist? Everyone gets to dress up. There were Teletubbies, fairires, witches and all kind of mystical creatures to welcome Katlego into the magical world of adulthood.

Mzansi loved the different take on the 21st and some of the advice given was not just for Katlego but for many others too:

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