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How to spend Valentine’s Day with your family The Ranakas' way

12 February 2022
There’s no need to be alone on valentine’s Day when you have a big loving family.
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Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers and romance, in the spirit of appreciating love and the ones we love, it makes sense to spend it with family if you don’t have a lover. Here are some ideas from how The Ranaka family spends time together that would make some perfect Valentine’s Day family dates.

  1. Get a tattoo together

This one is take straight from Manaka and Katlego Ranaka’s mother-daughter date. If there is one person whose name you can tattoo on your body with no regrets because you never really can break up a blood bond, it’s a family member. So why not grab your mother, sister, brother, father, cousin or even grandparent and get inked together for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Go out for lunch together

It was so lovely to see the Ranaka sisters meeting up together for lunch to discuss Dineo’s ceremony together. The conversation went on to other things and what could be better than a lunch date to catch up and make plans with siblings, parents or even grandparents on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Surprise visit a family member you have not seen in a while

Who can forget the day gogo decided to surprise Ranaka with a visit when he least expected her. Sometimes, if you plan a visit it just never comes about but there no better time than the present, so wake up and surprise them with a visit.

  1. Host a family games’ night

We can’t guarantee that it won’t end in a huge fight over Monopoly, 30 seconds or some other family grudge but having a fun night of laughter with the family while playing some games is a great Valentine’s Day date.

  1. Spend it with your lover

Sometimes, like Papa Ranaka and Mma Siba, your family is the person you met decades ago. With years of being together, you can start to take each other for granted so spending Valentine’s Day with the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with is about as family as you can get because it’s the family you’ve chosen.

Whether you choose to be alone, with your lover or family and friends on Valentine’s Day, make sure you keep it locked on Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161 for the best family entertainment.