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QUIZ Which Ranaka could you hang with

28 December 2018
You know which Ranaka is your fav, but could you be friends?
the ranakas quiz

1. What is the most important part of a party for you?

A. The food

B. The purpose of the party

C. The music

D. The chardonnay darling and good people!


2. How do you like to spend a good weekend?

A. I am always busy, even on weekends. Business never sleeps!

B. I just want to relax

C. Weekends I’m having a good time over good music while making money

D. Spending time with my girls and my kids. If I can do both, even better!


3. It is your father’s 75th birthday. What do you do?

A. I have long calendared the day and planned a special dinner

B.  That’s a big one, I’m going to see him and the whole family must be there for this special day!

C. I go see him in the morning because in the evening I have plans

D. Eish, I’m so busy I have gone and double booked myself on such an important day!


4. You are fighting with a close friend or sibling. What do you do?

A. Give them some space. They will come to their senses.

B. I try to arrange a session with a mediator to help us reconcile.

C. Fight? Nah man, I don’t have time to fight with friends, everybody loves me! Except that one time my brother and I came to fists, but we good now!

D. We will have it out in the chat group and in person until I am done expressing myself. I will get my turn to speak.


5. There is something you have always wanted to do and now you have the opportunity, what do you do?

A. Sometimes I am very afraid of trying something new but I will give it my best shot and probably come out on top

B. I always encourage people to start and learn something new, it’s never too late.

C. I go straight into it!

D. I am constantly planning and thinking of new things to do to move myself forward.


6. You want to start a new business venture, what do you do?

  1. I map out a plan, you can’t just start something.
  2. Do we really need this? I just want to relax now
  3. I have multiple business ventures running at any given time.
  4. I am all about passive income so I’m all in! Let’s do this asap!


7. What do you value most?

  1. Family and reinventing oneself at any age
  2. Tradition and having a sense of belonging
  3. My ambition and dreams
  4. My children, legacy and building generational wealth.


8. There’s a family gathering planned on the same day as a party you want to throw for yourself and some friends, what do you do?

  1. I tell the family I have to work and throw the party anyway
  2. Important family discussions first, we can party another time
  3. I am not coming to that family meeting. They know.
  4. Can we have the meeting and the party in the same place? Otherwise family meeting quick quick then I’m off!

Mostly A’s: Mama Siba is your bestie

You are an anchored and clear-minded individual who prioritizes family and friends but also knows how to do some serious self-care.

Mostly B’s: Ntate Ranaka is your friend

Family, tradition and principle is your forte. You have no trouble with a good time, but all in good time.

Mostly C’s: Ranaka is your spirit animal

Need we say more? You are a party starter and a go getter. You are upfront about what people can expect from you and it’s always good times when you’re around.

Mostly D’s: Dineo is your BFF

You are ambitious, busy and focused on building a legacy. However, you don’t forget family, good friends and your children! It’s all for them anyway.

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