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We want love for Keabetswe! – The Queen

27 March 2020
Does Eric have your vote?
<p>Kea and bae&nbsp;</p>

A handsome pilot by the name of Eric Grootboom just happens to be enamoured with our princess. Is he a worthy suitor?

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Meet Eric

We have a lot of trust issues - remember Tebogo and Kamina and how they had us breathing through the wound? We hate to admit that Kea and Kagiso never fall in love with the good ones.

And we also hate to admit that Harriet is always right! She doesn’t seem to think that mixing business with pleasure is a good idea.

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A look of disapproval

But because we really want to see Kea happy, we’ve decided to give this some positive energy. 

Five reasons why these two are match made in heaven:

1. Bonnie and Clyde

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A beautiful match

Eric is a pilot who comes highly recommended by Kagiso's trusted intel. He’s going to be importing cocaine into the country for the Khoza’s. What’s better than a partner in crime? We think they could take the drug business to greater heights.

2. He’s a refined baddie  

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Good bad guy

Eric is not in the dark about Kea being a cocaine heiress and we’re here for this! In the past we have seen the downfall of many naïve men in her life, remember Trevor? (R.I.P) Eric has the perfect gentleman demeanour but his high risk job tells us he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty! We like.

3. Crystal clear intentions

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Lavish gifts

Anybody pursuing Kea would have to be fearless, not only because she’s intimidating, but so is her family. On the surface, it seems that Eric has no intention of misleading Kea. He’s made his intentions known, to her family too.

4. Same tax brackets

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Exotic getaways

It’s about time Kea dates someone just as gorgeous as her, and someone who is not stressing about the amount of zero’s in his bank account. Someone who can also fly her to her favourite destinations at a whim! She can do it for herself, but she deserve someone who can do it for her too.

5. Kea deserves love

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We hope the Telenovela gods listen up! We are ready for Kea’s lavish wedding and happily ever after. We just need our girl to believe in love again, and we pray this doesn’t end in betrayal or death. We don’t have time for that!  

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