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The storm is over – The Queen

10 March 2020
Goodness and Tshepo have been through the most.

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Meet Sonnyboy, Sonnyboy was responsible for giving Mzansi chest pains. When he came back into Tshepo's life, the courts couldn't prove the allegations of abuse, and this meant that Tshepo would go back into his care. All we knew is that Tshepo didn't want his father to find him and he would wake up breaking in sweats from nightmares about his father. But nothing could prepare us for the evil man that would show up!

Abusive Father 

Soon things began to fall apart, when Sonnyboy refused to let Tshepo go back to school. Insisting that he go and get a job.  This was soon followed by beatings and abuse. Twitter couldn’t believe how devious Sonnyboy was. 

More drama 

Luckily, Goodness would soon discover the abuse. While Sonnyboy was drinking at Corner House, she rushed over to the house after hearing that Tshepo was looking for a job.What she found shocked her! A Battered and bruised Tshepo was locked in the house, with access to only a bar window. She was furious! She vowed to Tshepo that she would come back for him. She confronted Sonnyboy and drove over him, then rushed off to collect Tshepo. 


Hostage situation 

Sonnyboy would survive the hit and run, and land up in hospital. He was fuming! He couldn't let Goodness get away with attacking and taking Tshepo.He set out on a mission to exploit Goodness, but this time he wouldn't give her a choice! Sonnyboy set out to the Mabuza mansion and held the entire family ransom for money.However, in an unfortunate turn of events. Tshepo managed to get the gun and shoot Sonnyboy. Goodness then finished the job by shooting Sonnyboy to his death. 

Happily ever after 

After the ordeal Goodness and Tsheppo went through, all they had was with each other. With Sonnyboy out the way, all they wanted was for Goodness to legally adopt Tshepo again. Once Goodness was cleared from all the charges pertaining Sonnyboy’s death, the court finally agreed to make Goodness Tshepo's mother again. We love a happy ending! These two definitely deserve it and we wish them nothing but love. Tune in to The Queen weekdays at 9PM to see what the rest of your favourites are up to. 

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