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Warona Sefatsa – The Queen

25 June 2020
Warona steals Thato's heart.
Warona The Queen

Warona Sefatsa (25) is the only child of businessman, Bra’ Socks and his socialite wife Mildred Sefatsa.  Warona is not a typical only child who is selfish and self-absorbed. Although she is spoiled, she’s good-hearted and giving.

A stylish traffic blogger 

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Warona is studious and self-motivated. She studied travel and tourism but with the scarce jobs in the hospitality industry in the country she decided that the only way to make money was to travel the world and blog about it. She’s been to almost every little corner of South Africa and has travelled across the world to countries such as Brazil, Spain and Paris. People go to her blog to get the best travel ideas from both South Africa and abroad. Her blog has over 2 million visitors a month and she has following of 3 million people on her Twitter and Instagram combined. Her opinions about travel, food and trends have made her an instant influenzer and she has been involved in marketing campaigns of a number of high-end brands.

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Mother like daughter

Warona loves her dad to bits and adores her mother, Mildred. She’s always thought Mildred was the most beautiful woman in the world and wanted to be just as gorgeous and charming as her. But her love and affection for her mother turned into competition when as a teenager she realized that Mildred was getting more attention from her father and other men than her. Mildred loved that her daughter looked up to her and wanted to be just like her.

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But when Warona started being in the spotlight of men in her early 20s (Mildred) she too became jealous of her daughter and started competing with her. The two have competed for men and once Mildred dated Warona’s ex-boyfriend. The incident almost tore them apart but they realized they loved and needed each other too much to let a man come between them. They made a promise to never date the same guy again and to stop competing with each other. However, old habits die hard and the two are still secretly in competition with each other.  

Catching Feelings 

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When Thato first laid eyes on Warona he was memorised, but little did he know that she was Mildred's daughter. The two have since taken a huge step and gone on a couple of dates. Recently, they took it all the way and made it exclusive.However Thato just can't seem to say no Mildred's advances and is seeing her secretly too. What does the future hold for this very complicated love triangle?

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