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The Return of Shaka Khoza – The Queen

15 June 2020
Shaka Khoza fans react to spinning kick!
Shaka Khoza

On Friday, the whole of Mzansi was anticipating the return of our favourite, Shaka Khoza! 

In an explosive episode, where Kagiso was set to say 'I do' with Siyanda, things turned into an entire movie. 

Siyanda drugged Kagiso, Siyanda was shot by Kagiso's pregnant lover, Skhali broke up with Gigi and the cherry on top?  Shaka Khoza's spinning kick! 

The only complaint was that our beloved Shaka Khoza was only on screen for 40 seconds, but that 40 seconds was so impactful it sent Twitterville into a spin.

Shaka Khoza's death had a similar impact months ago, so it's no surprise his return would be well received. 

The people of Mzansi have questions however, is he a ghost, is he real? 

Well, that spinning kick was the realest! 

Read their Tweets here: 

What does Shaka Khoza's return mean for the Khoza family? Whatever it does mean, we know he's gonna bring the drama! Watch our favourite Shaka Khoza moments below:


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