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Signs You’re in Love with Your Friend – A Guide from Georgina in The Queen

22 February 2022
Want to know how to know when you're falling for your bestie? We give you signs you should look out for.
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Georgina is in love – a shock to many in Mzansi.

Mixed emotions were expressed by Mzansi since Georgina (played by actor Sibusisiwe Jili) announced to a friend in The Queen that she is catching feelings for a mystery guy. Mzansi knows the mystery guy is Schumacher, Georgina’s bestie. Some were happy for Georgina, while others said that she should not risk her friendship for love.

If you’ve missed some of the drama, here is a recap: on 11 February Schumacher was the hero of the day after he rescued Georgina who was captured by a robbery suspect. The incident has Georgina see Schumacher in a new light – cupid striked and Georgina was falling hard for her bestie.

Since then, we have noticed the changes in Georgina – and we have tips! If you are confused on whether or not you are falling for your bestie, don’t worry, we got you.

Here are signs that you are in love with your bestie, according to Georgina:

1. You can’t stop thinking about them

Georgina found herself not being able to focus at her workplace because she was thinking about Schumacher a lot. She even phoned her dad at his workplace to find out how Schumacher is doing. Awkward. Of course, we have also seen her smiling a lot and looking flustered whenever there is mention of Schumacher.

2. You put in more effort into what you wear

Are you finding yourself changing your clothes more and doing make-up touch ups in the mirror often? This is exactly what Georgina has been doing - she has been seen swapping jeans for dresses. Mzansi even said that they are happy to see that Georgina’s jeans are getting a break. Even Georgina’s loved ones commented on the change in her look.

3. You start asking them about their dreams and future

We saw Georgina asking Schumacher about where he sees himself in the future, including what he’s looking for in a partner, and also if he would consider starting a business.

4. You get jealous if you have to divide their attention

Eish, that time when Georgina made up a lie to get her dad to leave her and Schumacher alone at the Corner House. In another episode, Georgina got jealous when she saw Schumacher with an unknown woman. The day after Georgina was angry at Schumacher and gave him the silent treatment. If you are getting jealous of how your bestie is spending their time and with who, you might be in love with your bestie.


5. You go the extra mile for them

Are you being extra just to see more of your bestie? Hayi ke, that’s another sign you are falling hard for them. Georgina started visiting Schumacher at his workplace often, just to see him, and to organise informal dates. She even offered to buy dinner for him to thank him for being such a great friend.

Here are some Tweets from Mzansi on Georgina and Schumacher's current situationship:


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