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Daluxolo hunts down Lumko and Buntu – The Queen

26 May 2020
Meet Daluxulo Toto, Schumacher and Buntu's father.

Schumacher and Buntu are terrified of their father, we have heard them talk about the abuse they experienced at Daluxolo's hands. 

Now that he's back, they are met with their biggest fears, a homophobic, abusive, and traditionalist father.

Where it all began

Daluxolo Toto is a Xhosa man who has lived in a village in the Eastern Cape all his life. He thinks women are lesser beings and would often beat his wife. Rumour has it that his wife ran off with a neighbour in the village leaving him with his two sons and he turned his anger on Schumacher and then later Buntu.

His way or the high way 

Daluxolo is a staunch traditionalist who subscribes to the notion that “indoda ayikhali.” He is a strict and harsh man who is feared in the village. He is the ringleader of a group of men who have taken it upon themselves to bring law and order in the village and fight against what they see as moral degeneration in the community. The gang disciplines women and children for various issues, through violence.

Schumacher and Daluxolo's painful history 

Daluxolo hated Schumacher for his homosexuality because he believed it made him soft, weak, and relegated him to the status of a woman. He took Schumacher to initiation school hoping that this will cure him of the 'disease' of being homosexual. When his efforts failed to produce the desired results, he continued to beat Schumacher until he, like his mother, also ran away.

A continued cycle

Daluxolo suffered a major blow to his manhood because he could not keep his household together. With Schumacher gone Buntu became his next victim of abuse. He forced him to find work at an early age, while he sat around and did nothing. With the scarce work opportunities in the village, Buntu resorted to house break-ins to please his father. Buntu also ran away to escape his wrath. 

Before leaving the Eastern Cape, Buntu stole from his neighbour and slept with his daughter. Now Daluxolo is here to take him back to the Eastern Cape so that he can pay for his sins. He needs to pay the dowry for the girl he devirginized and Papa Daluxolo is not here to play games, he even bought his shambok with him! 

How will this drama unfold? Will Schumacher also be able to finally face his demons?

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