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Siyanda or Amo? – The Queen

05 February 2020
We need Kagiso to decide cause we can't take it.
<p>Love triangle</p>

Kagiso Khoza has us all in our feelings. 

Just when we thought things were looking up in his relationship, he throws a curveball that leaves us speechless! 

After sharing a loving kiss with his ex, Twitter nation needs him to decide who he wants once and for all.

Team Amo or Team Siyanda, these ladies are an equally great choice,and here’s why:

Amoheleng Maake 

Amo and Kagiso share a long and deep history, that Boo thang who will always have your heart type love.

These two had that innocent kind of puppy love, that throw caution to the wind kind of love.

They were entangled even when their families were at war, and they chose each other. 

What we loved about this particular relationship was how Amo always brought out the best in Kagiso, in her arms he becomes a nurturer, a protector and a lover. 

We love to see this side of Kagiso. 

The only complicated thing? The Maake's and the Khoza's will never accept the other. Too much blood has been spilled to ever advocate love, peace and harmony.  

We also know Amo would never approve of the drug business, so Kagiso would have to keep a huge part of his life from her.

But that's a small price to pay for true love, right?


This relationship with Siyanda started off as a friends with benefits arrangement. The passion and the fire between them was undeniable.

The situationship turned into a friendzone, but soon these two would make it official. 

Regardless of its ups and down's we feel like Siyanda truly understands Kagiso, she doesn't judge the family business.

She's street smart and this could be useful in running the family business. 

The only complicated thing? His family doesn't approve of Siyanda and with her being a single mother.

But we think that's exactly the kind of responsibility Kagiso needs at this stage of his life.

Siyanda also comes with no long family history feud, so there could be peace and harmony down the road.

Whose it gonna be? 

Will it be Amo - the first woman he has ever loved?

Or will it be Siyanda - the women who brings out his passion?

If he doesn't make up his mind soon- he might lose both of them!

Corner house is way too small for him to be uncertain for long.

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