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Why Turbo is number 1 bestie! – The Imposter

16 December 2018
Overlooked sidekick, best uncle – Turbo is Mzansi greatest BFF!
tebza best friend

Tebza may look like the mastermind in this friendship, but where would he be without the loyal Turbo? Here’s a quick recap of why Turbo is acing friendship!

Turbo gives wise advice

SO many times Turbo has told Tebza not to go through with a risky plan, including impersonating Gary. But Teba being a risk taker did not listen and could have avoided a lot of trouble had he just listened.


Turbo is a great guardian

While Tebza was out pretending to be Masego’s father, Turbo took on the job of being Lesedi temporary guardian. His hairstyles may be questionable but he made sure she was fed, taken to school and defended her against her abusive grandmother.

He fought for Lesedi and Kele

Whoever is important to Tebza, is also important to Turbo and he’ll defend them with his life. When Gary was being abusive, almost beating Lesedi and Kele, Turbo stood up to the bully challenge and took a hard knock against the chin for the women in Tebza’s life.

He is loyal

Whenever Tebza had a life-threatening plan, like infiltrating the SANDF, as part of his quest to be Gary, Turbo was right there telling him how silly it was but supporting him all the way. Turbo has risked his life for his friend, and a better friend than that, Tebza will not find.


He can keep a friend’s secret

It didn’t matter who asked Turbo about Tebza’s whereabouts and his uncanny resemblance to Gary, Turbo kept the secret. He knows who he is loyal to.

Are you a great bestie too?

Stay tuned to #TheImposterMzansi to see what other heroic acts Turbo will perform in the name of friendship.