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Tebza's Mission Impossible – The Imposter

16 December 2018
Tebza is about to risk it all to leave it all!
tebza mission impossible

The only person more dangerous than a national defence force is Big Daddy, now Tebza has to go face-to-face with her for R1million.


It is his greatest assignment yet. With the promise of R1-million from Gary Mokoena, it’s a task Tebza could not refuse. What does he have to do? Oh, nothing much. Just going into Big Daddy’s lair, sweet talk her and when her guard is down, allow Gary men to take over her empire. Like taking candy from a baby right? Not even close!

Not only is Big Daddy surrounded and protected by an angry loyal mob, she is not a woman who can be easily distracted. The jury is still out on whether Tebza is charming at all, let alone enough to bring down the infamous Big Daddy’s guard.

Getting into the defence force was hard enough for Tebza. He had to convince the entire force that he was a fellow soldier under the command of his step-father to be. However, even that did not end well for him. He was soon discovered and had to escape near death when he had been discovered.

Now Tebza is a good liar, but does he have the charms to seduce Big Daddy for the plan to work? Maybe a change of plan is necessary. Not to mention reinforcements from friends like Turbo. If Tebza has to convince Big Daddy of a lie, that is a far greater possibility. Tebza is also a master distractor, so another tactic may be to distract Big Daddy.

In her own words – Big Daddy loves a man she can control not one who can think for himself. So how will trickster Tebza prove to Bid Daddy that he is loyal and controllable?

You’ll have to tune into #TheImposterMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to find out!