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Issa fake bae! – The Imposter

14 December 2018
Five signs your new bae is not who they say they are!
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Whether it’s a new beau you just met or an old flame you think you know very well, The Imposter has given us sure tips on how to tell if the person you’re in love with is not who they say they are:

They disappear randomly without any notice

If the person is leading a double life, they are going to need time to go to their other life and sometimes for long periods. If your new bae can’t spend a full dinner with you without hurrying off somewhere in a sweaty rush, they may not be who you think they are.

They have major mood swings

It’s one thing to have a bad day, we all have those. It is completely another to go from Gary Mokoena to Tebza mood swings. If one moment they are cold as ice and then the next warm as a sunny day, you may have two different people on your hands.


They don’t include you in their plans or decision making

Everyone needs advice every now and then, and who better to get it from than a close lover. But if bae always seem to make unilateral decisions, you may have to start asking yourself why. Are they hiding something?

You gut is telling you they are hiding something

That old adage is true – trust your gut. It is life’s little alarm that seems to sound even when we are hopelessly and deliriously in love. Listen to that little voice, it’s been giving Kele warning signs.


They can’t remember what they said or important memories

If a person can’t remember what they said they had for breakfast when they had to rush off to that meeting or that time you guys went to Paris on holiday – you probably should run for the hills!

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