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FIVE reasons we love Kele The Imposter

10 December 2018
Not just a pretty face, but a heart of gold and so much more!
kele the imposter

It didn't take long for Tebza to fall in love with Kele just minutes after pretending to be Gary. In case you're wondering how she captured his heart, we've laid it all out here! 

  1. She is drop dead gorgeous!

We can’t stop staring every time she is on our screens. Her beauty is absolutely breathtaking. We stan Gail Mabalane as Kele!

  1. She is kind-hearted

No matter what cruelty the real Gary throws her way, Kele is always kind to everyone around her. She continues to respect her mother-in-law despite her not showing her the same and she treats everyone in the employ of the Mokoena family with dignity and respect.

  1. She is a great mother

Gary is never around; whether he is out making money or faking his death in a plane crash. So that means Kele has to be both mother and father to her son. Under the circumstances, she is doing a great job!

  1. She is smart

It’s her hidden super power. She may appear to Gary to be a nothing more than a trophy wife who can be easily fooled, but Kele is questioning, logical and clear minded even in a tough situation. Her only weakness is her love for Gary, but that is a thing of the past.

  1. She married rich, but her love is so much deeper than that

Kele is not a woman whose love can be bought with money and a luxurious lifestyle. She saw right through to Tebza’s heart and the true love he has for her, and chose that over Gary’s money and coldness.

She is beautiful both in and out and so we absolutely love Kele! Stay tuned to #TheImposterMzansi every Sunday at 20:00 to see more of this gem!