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The will to change

29 October 2017
Mantwa is in a race against time to get Regi to change his will. Will he do it?
the imposter the will to change

Whether you are Team Mantwa or Team Matshepo, we can all agree on one thing - Mantwa is a resourceful woman. However, can she get a man to change a will he confidently drafted 17 years ago?

Never have those old cliches been true than in the case of Mantwa - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and no one can hurt you like your kin. Mantwa spent 17 years in jail for a crime her sister Matshepo committed. In that time, Matshepo married a rich business man and has been living in the lap of luxury while her innocent sister pays for her sins. 

It is difficult to think of the words innocent and Mantwa together. Could it be that Mantwa is merely a victim of her circumstance? Regardless, Mantwa has become a dangerous woman over the past 17 years. Now she has come to get her revenge, but her plan will not be easy to implement. 

She first has to convince Matshepo's husband to change the will which places everything he own in a trust, to making her the sole beneficiary of his estate should something happen to him. With Mantwa making all the plans, there is no doubt that something will happen to Regi. 

How can Mantwa convicne Regi to change the will? Her last attempt did not end too well. She went from asking Regi to change his will to answer a flood of questions about her true identity from the family. Will Regi give in out of guilt? Or will he hang on to his wallet tighter than before. 

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