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In her shoes

23 October 2017
Mantwa thought she could easily take on Matshepo's life but it's proving difficult with family and friends on to her.
the imposter in her shoes

Bitter sibling rivalry does not begin to describe the war between Mantwa and Matshepo. It is a war that may have already shed blood and Mantwa is taking no idle prisoners - everyone has a short role to play in her devious plan. Can Matshepo escape and svae her family before their time is up? Wil Mantwa ever forgive Matshepo for taking 17 years of her life?

Mantwa and her accomplice Caesar have been studying Matshepo and her family for over two years. All the way in prison, Mantwa knew what Matshepo and her family were eating for breakfast, lunch and supper and where they spent their days. However, stepping into her twin sister's shoes after kidnapping her has not been as easy as the imaptient Mantwa had anticiapted. 

From dealing with a needy husband and children, who also happen to be ill-disciplined and spoilt - Mantwa has her work cut out for her. Matshepo's friends are also hot on her heels with them already suspecting that either Matshepo is on drugs or this is just not their beloved friend.

How much longer can Mantwa pretend to be her sister without getting caught? 

Matshepo was near escape as Detective Bae came in guns blazing into Caesar's lair to save her. However, the inexperienced detective was easily taken down by Caesar. Has Matshepo's last hope been tragically killed in an effort to save her life? 

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