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Witchful thinking, Ayanda – The Herd

14 June 2019
How Ayanda became a witch without joining the forum.
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Ayanda will do anything to get Muzi to put a ring on it! In her efforts to become the new Mrs Mthethwa she has become a wtich. She has tried everything to win Muzi's eternal commitment, going from determined to desparate. We take a look at how far Ayanda has come from just another teacher in love to a forerunning witch.

  1. Her first taste of blood

From the beginning, the other witches knew that Ayanda was desperately in love with Muzi and eager to move their relationship to the next level. They were not sure how far she would be willing to go, but when she killed an animal and harvested its heart for them, they knew she could be willing to go far enough.

  1. Mama, I killed a man

We were never ready for Ayanda to kill a person. Can you believe it still was not enough? The chief witch is desperate for the heart of a baby without a stich of hair, so an old man’s heart would not do the trick.

  1. I’ll make my own potion

Ayanda is doing the most just to get a love potion from the witches. So after a few attempts at trying to secure the muthi, she gave up and tried to concoct her own one. It all went pear-shaped when Muzi could not stomach her mixture and spit it out. So we’ll never know if it would have worked or not.

  1. Will you marry me, Muzi?

Women are doing it for themselves in a number of ways, including being the first to say “I love you” and “Will you marry me”. Ayanda considered putting away the daggers and potion for an honest commitment, but her proposal was rejected. Muzi seems like the type of man who would rather do the asking himself.

  1. The plan to kidnap Dumazile

Humanity is out the window and Ayanda is all twisted up in the witch game: She has resorted to working with Smanga to kidnap Dumazile and take her unborn baby’s heart. Ayanda has officially become a witch!

Is it love, is it gold-digging or is it obsession?

Will Smanga and Ayanda’s plan work? Stay tuned to #TheHerdMzansi every Sunday at 20:00!