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Talk about unlucky in love – The Herd

03 June 2019
Every time Kayise makes a love connection, she loses it all to death.
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No one is as unlucky in love as Kayise. Just when she thinks she has found the love of her life, they meet an untimely death trying to save her.


First, it was Lwandle. The couple’s love did not start on a good note – Lwandle kidnapped Kayise after shooting her and then managed to save her life. In the time Kayise spent in Lwandle’s captivity, the two fell in love.

However, it was not long before Lwandle died after taking multiple bullets for Kayise.


Then there was Dudu. No one could deny the connection between the two, although it was forbidden as Dudu was married. Kayise and Dudu worked together trying to save the Mthethwa farm and formed a formidable team. However, Dudu died in the hands of their enemy. Again, Kayise suffered a loss while trying to save her father’s farm.

Will Kayise ever find love, or is it just too late for her? Should she give up on ever being in a normal and happy relationship? Stay tuned to #TheHerdMzansi to find out!