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New head witch in charge – The Herd

01 July 2019
MaMngadi never saw it coming, her new daughter-in-law is now head witch in charge.
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When Ayanda came onto the scene as Muzi’s girlfriend, no one could have ever guessed she would soon turn into a witch. Sweet, gentle and deeply in love; she seemed to be as innocent as they come.

Little did we know, that the ambitious teacher had big plans to marry Muzi and takeover the Mthethwa wealth even if it meant transforming into a witch to get her way.

The biggest surprise from Ayanda was how she defeated MaMngadi in the end, saving Kayise’s life. We don’t know if MaMngadi is gone for good or if the family will accept their new watchful leader, but Ayanda certainly left Mzansi on a serious cliffhanger!

The question everyone is asking once again at the end fo a season is: What happened to MaMngadi? She managed to conquer and kill her own mother to save her family, but soon enough it seemed the old controlling and evil MaMngadi was back. Has Ayanda rid us of the people's fav witch that quickly, or will she be back to claim her throne? 

Will MaMngadi be making a return to our screens? Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic to find out!