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Five things to learn from #TheBalaFamily

22 June 2023
At the end of the day, it's all love.
The bala family

The Bala Family has opened up to Mzansi with vulnerability and honesty. Week after week, Mama Veronica, Pinky, Zwai, Loysio, and Phelo have shown us courage in facing their issues.

Here are five lessons that we have learned from the family of five: 

1. Healing is a journey

In one episode of the season, the family had an intense therapy session and we loved how it set the tone for open communication. Healing doesn't mean fixing everything in one sitting. 

2. Healing can be messy

It's not a linear process, and you can't figure it out all at once. Some days are good days and some days aren't. We love how Zwai and Phelo sat down to talk to try and iron things out. 

3. Support your day ones

The family has realised the importance of sticking together, and we saw this all come to play when Phelo was initiated as a sangoma.

4. Never give up on your loved ones

They may not be 100% on board with decisions taken by their loved ones, but they will always try and unpack the issues. The siblings recently met to discuss how Mam Veroninca and Bab' Jafta's marriage affects them.

5. Different is fine 

These siblings are as different as different can be, with their own aspirations, personalities, and vocations. We have come to appreciate and love how different they are. 

We wish our faves more healing and more love, be sure to watch #TheBalaFamily every Thursday at 20:00, si #TrendaWayaWaya. 

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