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Sandile and Tshidi get the boot – Spirit of Mzansi

31 August 2018
A thrilling vote, re-vote and coin toss seals the deal

This week, Spirit of Mzansi wrapped with a shocking Elimination result that no one could have anticipated – Sandile and Tshidi handing in their overalls. Here’s how it all came crumbling down for these very strong contenders.

As has come to be expected (and before we could get into the carnage of it all) the gang blessed us with a sunny set of selfies.


Then it was time to get down and dirty…

Figure 8 or go home

Race Day 3 kicked off with the Figure 8 Driving Challenge, which sought to test our contestants’ mettle on the racetrack. And test them it did! Cabby was first behind the wheel for Team Mzansi. His expert handling of the Amarok seemed to be the start Team Mzansi needed to ‘up’ their depleted morale. Pretty soon though, Team Mzansi was back at square one. Innocentia felt it was all too much for her, Tshidi tried and tried, but neither could finish within the allocated time. Then it was up to Otsile to save his teammates from further embarrassment, which he did with a spirited sprint around the cones.


Team Spirit, who have become a force to be reckoned with over the last three weeks, then took over the reigns and showed off their skill behind the wheel. Sandile, in particular, was a marvel to watch as he expertly guided the Amarok through the course. For all his efforts, Sandile managed an awe-inspiring 59 seconds on the clock and helped catapult Team Spirit to victory.


Alliances and alienation

With Eliminations slowly approaching, it was time to negotiate, pander and pawn in secret. Innocentia was adamant that Tshidi had to go first, while Team Spirit decided putting Jason on the firing line would be their best bet when voting came. Once the respective alliances were satisfied, it was time to race to Newcastle in the KZN. Team Spirit managed to pull off a major coup; crossing the finish line first, for the third time in as many weeks, leaving Team Mzansi reeling from the shock of it all.


The celebrations were cut short however, when Mpho Popps went into Elimination Voting before the engines had even cooled. After a vote, re-vote and a coin toss, Tshidi and Sandile were sent packing.


What happens next, as the race for R250 000 continues? Watch Spirit Of Mzansi next week to find out.

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