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Palesa and Innocentia OUT! — Spirit Of Mzansi

27 September 2018
A stunning twist seals their fate

Talk about edge-of-your-seat-viewing! Last night, Palesa and Innocentia, arguably two of the contestants that have played the game using an obvious divide and conquer strategy, were booted out of the show. Their end came by way of the incredible re-entry of all of this season’s Eliminated contestants.


Race Leg 7 started off with an exhilarating challenge that saw the gang pushing the Amarok to the limit on an incline, finished off with a round of zip lining. Cool, calm and collected Cabby was first for Team Mzansi - and instead of testing the car’s mettle and power, Cabby drove “like I would drive my car”. That laissez fair attitude, resulted in Team Mzansi eating literal dust, because as we have all gathered, time is of the essence when you are racing towards the finish line for a chance at bagging a cool R250 000.

Lusanda, on the other hand, took a different approach to the challenge. She pushed it to the limit and helped Team Spirit achieve a 7-minute head start, courtesy of her skill behind the wheel. At a point on the course however, Lusanda’s Amarok plumed into the air like smoke, resulting in points being docked. 

Elimination shocker

All the adrenalin of challenge day set the tone for a stunning Elimination that packed on the drama. Unbeknownst to the Top 4, our Eliminated contestants were locked, loaded and ready to haul two contestants to the gallows. The animosity and tensions were super obvious as soon as our contestants laid eyes on each other. There were murmers of “payback” and sniggers of satisfaction as names were scrawled on the board.

Wry smiles were exchanged as Palesa and Innocentia each took their final walk, while Cabby and Lusanda attempted to process their good fortune.

Who will win R250 000? Watch Spirit Of Mzansi next week to find out!

Spirit of Mzansi airs on Wednesdays at 21:30, only on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).