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It’s Cabby vs. Lusanda — Spirit Of Mzansi

02 October 2018
They came, they saw and they conquered
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After a whirlwind that has taken our gang from the Volkswagen Plant in Centurion, to the scenic, rolling hills of beautiful KwaZulu Natal, Cabby and Lusanda finally take their respective places on the podium, as the two Spirit Of Mzansi contestants that were built to outmanoeuvre and outlast.

To say it’s been an exhilarating journey for our Top 2, would be an understatement. Cabby has had to contend with losing race after race as a member of Team Mzansi, amongst many other disappointments, while Lusanda has had to push herself (sometimes to the limit) to ensure her team maintained pole position constantly. Through the good and the bad, there’s one thing these two have been certain of; they would get to the finish line.

Cabby rates his chances

“God told me it’s mine”

Here are our favourite things about these two champions


All our contestants were selected because of their amazing skill behind the wheel (amongst many other talents) and although many have done well on the road, ‘Lady Lu’ deserves a special mention. Lusanda has taken the bull by the horns at all times since the game started. Never once has she flinched or backed down from a challenge. She’s been determined and has worked hard every step of the way, something she should be proud of.


Hello, Mr. Good Deportment. When things threatened to (and eventually did) go wrong, Cabby was always the cool, calm and collected guy making all the jokes. A bad day was not complete without Cabby doling out hugs and trying to help his disappointed teammates get out of their funk. He’s worked hard too and despite suffering many losses, Cabby has never given up. He’s also never panicked, no matter what the situation looked like. We stan!

Don't miss the Spirit Of Mzansi finale this Wednesday at 21:30, only on Mzansi Magic DStv Channel 161.