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Analysing Our Top 4! – Spirit Of Mzansi

20 September 2018
Here’s who we think has the best chance at winning
top 4

When Spirit Of Mzansi kicked off a little over a month ago, we were all excited to meet the eight confident contenders who were all throwing their hats into the ring for a shot at winning R250 000 on our show! Today, only four personalities remain – and to say the road has been tough for our finalists is an understatement. But who is more than likely to walk away with the crown? Read on!


From the start, Innocentia revealed she would play the game with a cool head, coupled with strategy. “No one will see me coming,” she insisted – and a month later, her words have certainly come to pass. Innocentia’s game has been a quietly confident one that has relied heavily on creating alliances with some of the outwardly confident personalities in her team, Team Mzansi. This has been her saving grace. In the lead-up to the first Elimination of the season, Innocentia pulled Cabby and Otsile to the side and cooked up a strategy to get Tshidi ‘offed’ at the gallows. Cabby however, had already chosen to not betray Tshidi - and when Eliminations came, he stayed true to his word. This resulted in a voting impasse that was eventually resolved via a coin toss. Sadly, Tshidi was the one to be sent packing eventually. Knowing that Otsile and Palesa seemed to be in an alliance despite being on seperate teams, made Innocentia’s job of voting Otsile out last week, super easy. There’s no undermining Innocentia’s talents. Will they get earn her R250 000? We wouldn’t be surprised.


Self-confessed adrenalin junkie and gym bunny Lusanda has been busy, energetic and earnest in her endeavour to get Team Spirit to pole position, week in and week out. Her efforts have meshed well with teammates Sandile, Jason and Palesa. However, her very strong alliance with Palesa, has helped her navigate shaky territory with ease. The two girls have played an intelligent game that has seen them outlast all the boys, who had outnumbered them initially. No matter how close she has been with other teammates, ultimately, Lusanda and Palesa have worked together to cull the numbers in their camp. With the game taking on a new shape, Lusanda will eventually have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a strong strategy to carry her over the line. We have a feeling all she will be needing to win as the game winds down, is her obvious bravery and confidence.


The thorn amongst the roses – that’s Cabby! He’s been consistent, he’s worked hard and he’s kept his word, which is admirable. Despite all of these marvellous traits that have no doubt helped him ease into the Top 4, Cabby can be a bit too relaxed at times. With the drama cranking up and the finish line now firmly on the horizon, Cabby will need to kick-start his ‘sense of urgency’. The girls are clearly in it to win it and being too relaxed may hurt him in the long run. Then again, could his calm “I will not panic” disposition be the very reason why he is in the Top 4? Could be! Clearly, it works for him - and you know what they say. There’s absolutely no reason to fix something that is not broken.  


Palesa has been wheeling and dealing since she first hit our screens – and isn’t that what the game is about? Playing it smart and doing your best? Palesa’s strong alliance with Lusanda has been complementary in many ways and most importantly where Eliminations are concerned. These two have been thick-as-thieves and have lifted each other out of sticky situations at a moment’s notice. The boys of Team Spirit have eaten literal dust, thanks to Palesa and Lusanda, who always have each others backs. Palesa has also been the only one to form an alliance with someone from the opposite team – a strategy that looked to the future. Unfortunately, that all came crashing down last week with Otsile’s exit. Palesa’s played the game using her smarts and with the finale only two weeks away, we have a feeling we will be seeing her smiling on the podium.

Missed the most recent Elimination that saw Otsile and Jason exit? Watch it below!

What happens next, as the race for R250 000 continues? Watch Spirit Of Mzansi next week to find out.

Spirit of Mzansi airs on Wednesdays at 21:30, only on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).