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All the things Spirit of Mzansi is teaching us

10 September 2018
'Ungazoba serious' and more gems
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We’ve learned many wonderful things since Spirit Of Mzansi launched. Here’s a rundown of the lessons we’ve hiked up onto the top corner of our mirrors, because wow!

Milking cows can get messy

This is an important one. Should you ever have to milk a cow to, say, get out of a jam (or win some money or whatever) remember to keep calm, because it won’t be as pretty and seamless as they make it seem on tv and in story books. Just ask Lusanda. Cows, like horses, kick and kick. And they poo. Be safe at all times. Get out of the cow’s way. And be gentle with it.

Ungazoba serious

Losing every week has guaranteed Team Mzansi a series of unfortunate experiences. From pitching tents and sleeping outside in the middle of nowhere in winter, to having to make do with dry lunches and dinners, Mzansi has certainly been through some rough times. Luckily, the gang is teaching us to laugh at ourselves. Otsile’s teabag swiping (because you never know when you might come across hot water while sleeping under the stars) is one example of “ungazoba serious” we’re living for.

Paint like no one's watching

Never handled a paint brush your whole life (your fire-engine-red nail polish brush doesn't count)? No problem! Get in there and paint like you were born to do this Especially if it will make the kids happy. We are so proud of our teams for rolling up their sleeves and giving an orphanage a much-needed facelift last week, despite never having handled brushed before. We're inspired to do the same in our communities now. Good job, guys!

Count properly

Counting money is honestly the only thing anyone ever does with precision. But guess what Spirit Of Mzansi has taught us? That sometimes, you’re going to have to count ice cream containers for a shot at getting first pick at the ‘Perks Dashboard’. Sandile didn’t do it right and guess what happened? His team, which had been in the lead, had to restart their pickup because there was ice cream missing. Don’t miss first pick on the Perks Dashboard of life. Learn to count things properly.

An ice cold fumble


The Amarok Extreme is a true beaut. And it is a wolf

Hands up if you now also want to drive your very own Amarok Extreme after witnessing its magnificence on camera! Glad we’re not the only ones. From the Figure 8 Challenge, to the big, open, road, the Amarok Extreme has handled really beautifully. Also, weren’t you just amazed when you found out Amarok means: A wolf that hunts alone. Wow. Inspired!

Never give up

We could all learn a thing or two about perseverance, from our teams. Team Mzansi’s been on a perpetual losing streak since the show started, but have we seen them bow their heads in shame and refuse to give it another bash? No, Siree! As painful and demotivating as it all has been, Team Mzansi continues to keep their heads and their hearts in the game, just like we all should when life throws us life things.

Being nice is always the answer

Didn’t we all just “Aaaaw” when Team Spirit decided to hand over their delicious lunch (chicken, nogals) to Team Mzansi last week? They didn’t have to becasue they worked hard for their end-of-race perks, but they did – and we’re inspired. Being kind is always the answer. Whether you want something in return or not however, is a story for another day.

What happens next, as the race for R250 000 continues? Watch Spirit Of Mzansi next week to find out.

Spirit of Mzansi airs on Wednesdays at 21:30, only on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).