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Sibongile navigates setbacks – Sibongile & The Dlaminis

03 August 2023
Sibongile passes her matric with distinctions but there a few hurdles along the way.
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Episode 1 

Sibongile’s chances of going to university rest on her gambling addict stepmother. Meanwhile Phetheni struggles to keep the peace between her husband and son while Wenzeni, her troubled teen goes wild.


Episode 2 

Deliwe breaks the promise of paying the varsity fees and insists on Sibongile taking a job as a helper instead. Sibongile meets Kwenzo for the first time and shares lunch with him.


Episode 3 

Deliwe ropes in Khuzwayo to help her deal with Vuma, who doesn’t want Sibongile to take a maid job, but Khuzwayo takes it a bit too far. Kwenzo returns the favour to Sibongile.



Episode 4 

Deliwe learns that Khuzwayo did not follow her instructions. Sibongile might lose her job after causing an accident at eMgazin Timber. Meanwhile, Vusi and Njengaye are forced to bend together for the sake of the company. 


Episode 5

Sibongile eventually arrives in Durban, but she finds havoc in the Dlamini house which she sorts out by asking for a prayer. Deliwe catches Zakes and Velephi just as they are about to do something.


Episode 6 

Sibongile is welcomed by the other workers and warned about Wenzeni. Wenzeni gives Sibongile a hard time but seeing she doesn’t crack, she plays dirty.


Episode 7 

Phetheni learns that Wenzeni framed Sibongile, while Wenzeni is nowhere to be found. Sis’ Mavis’ secret is out as a displeased Phetheni discovers the dress she burnt.


Episode 8

The Dlamini’s worry about Wenzeni’s whereabouts while she is living her best life at a friend’s house. Njengaye is nominated for businessman of the year award. Vuma is finally discharged.


Episode 9 

Sibongile lies to her father about being at school. Vuma returns from hospital, not a hundred percent well and is shocked to learn that so much has fallen apart since he left.


Episode 10 

Sibongile is reprimanded for chatting to Khwenzo. Deliwe discovers just how badly the poison affected Vuma and she stops him from going to see a sangoma. Sipho tries to cut ties with Velephi but she uses feminine power to make him change his mind.


Episode 11 

Njengaye tries fixing things with Vusi over a game of golf. Avoiding to get into trouble at work, Sibongile evades Kwenzo. Deliwe hires a fake sangoma.


Episode 12

Sibongile chides Kwenzo for eavesdropping and he offers her an opportunity to change her life. Vuma refuses Bab’Ntombela’s offer and Deliwe shows up unannounced at the Dlamini. Sipho questions Velephi about Manqoba’s paternity.


Episode 13 

Sibongile turns down Kwenzo’s offer to pay her school fees. Meanwhile Deliwe “borrows” money from Sibongile, killing Sibongile’s dream once again. Velephi gets on board to assist Deliwe find girls.


Episode 14 

Vusi convinces Kwenzo to speak to their father about him taking over the tender. While Njengaye feels the pressure from Sokhabase to have their children wed. Thulisile meets Mashona and plans to sneak him into the servant’s quarters.


Episode 15 

There’s a dead cat at the Dlamini threshold and Phetheni demands Njengaye to be straight with her. Nomalanga recruits Sibongile to come help out at the penthouse. Deliwe interviews Asanda and she gets the job.


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