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Weekend watch list – Mzansi Wethu

12 May 2022
The weekend is around the corner, and weekends are for Mzansi Wethu realities! Not sure what to watch? Skawara, we got you! Here’s what your favourite channel has for you.
Mzansi Wethu weekend watch list

Sengkhathele – Saturdays at 20:00

Hosted by the beautiful Lerato Mvelase , Seng’khathele follows lovers who want to walk away from their relationships for various reasons, from loss of attraction to abusive situations.

Where are all the bingers at? Just subscribe to Showmax or have it added to your DStv bill and watch Sengkhathele from Season 1 on Showmax.  


Abazali – Saturdays at 20:30

Abazali seeks to help parents/guardians who are being denied access to their children. Hosted by Thato Molamu, Season 1 delicately dealt with the very sensitive and highly charged topic and saw 11 of the 13 parents/guardians on the show regain access to their children.

Missed a few episodes on Season 1? Subscribe to Showmax or have it added to your DStv bill and binge watch on Showmax.  


Not The One For You – Saturdays 21:00

The channel’s brand-new and reality show offers assistance to families that seek help in disclosing what they dislike about the partners their loved ones are currently dating.

This need to help a friend/family member is motivated by the ‘red flags’ they see and are hoping the one they are seeking help for will take heed and dump the partner because of the reasons and/or evidence put on the table.


Siza Mina – Sundays at 20:30

Meaning “help me” in isiZulu, the channel’s first-ever weekly talk show hosted by Siyabonga Vithi features real-life guests and covers a range of topics, from unsettled debt, broken friendships, and housing and contract disputes etc.

The show takes us back to the days of exciting talk shows where people were unafraid to air their feelings and to confront their opponents.


Weekend watch-list, sorted! Now, all you have to do is organize popcorn and friends/family to join you while you enjoy!