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When love is no longer enough

11 December 2018
The brand-new reality show, Seng’Khathele premiers on Mzansi Wethu in January 2019.
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Closure. Many songs, books and essays have been written about breakups and heartbreak, and the one common thread they all have is the fact that closure is not always guaranteed.

Seng’Khathele is a brand new reality show premiering on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163) in January 2019, and will give couples the platform to tell their significant other that they are no longer happy and want out of the relationship.

A Zulu expression for “I’m tired!”, Seng’Khathele brings in contact couples seeking closure and allows them to unpack all the reasons that have bought them to this point of wanting to end the relationship, while doing so amicably. The reasons range from deceit, drug addiction, infidelity, financial problems, abuse, and even bedroom problems.

The emotive 13-part series will be hosted by actress and singer, Lerato Mvelase, with post counselling and therapy being offered to the couples featured on the show.

“We have covered all angles of love, all angles except when love runs its course.  The idea for the show was to flip the coin and give courage to people who do not know how to say goodbye to something they once recognised as love,” says Executive Producer, Tebogo Keebine of Tribal Media House.

“Love is universal, and so is heartbreak. While we celebrate love and its complexities with popular shows like Our Perfect Wedding and Marry Me Now, it’s only fitting to also explore the intricacies of breakups and what it means to finally say “It’s over!” - while giving each side the chance to tell their story,” adds Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net, Reneilwe Sema.

What do you do when love is no longer being served on the table? Seng’Khathele premieres on the 5th of January on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163) at 19:30.

For more information, visit our website: https://mzansimagic.dstv.com