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There's panic in the villa — S'jola Sonke

23 June 2023
The looming mass exodus leaves the singles scrambling on S'jola Sonke.
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Sunday night marked a massive shift in the dynamics between the inhabitants of the S'jola Sonke villa. While the couples and singles have spent almost three months exploring limits and figuring out how to approach polyamory, the time to tie loose ends has come.

Towards the end of the episode, the cast was notified of an impending shake-up. The couples were instructed to rock outifts that represent their best selves, while singles were asked to pack up their baggage and be on standby. For anything. 

It's safe to assume that a mass exit is upon a number of the singles. That is, of course, unless the couples have decided to save them and move forward in their quest to find a third soulmate in the house.

So far, each couple has successfully trimmed down their list of potentials. However, the arrival of singles throughout the weeks has kept things changing. One minute, things look to be settling down to a solid throuple. And the next, new possibilities emerge from the new faces. 

By the end of that episode, the couples found themselves having to deliberate on their next actions. Who will they be choosing for the future? And, who will they be releasing? 


Up until quite recently, Mokkie has remained the most consistent single in Juju and Kwanele's relationship. Both lovers have grown quite fond of her, and have continuously expressed an interest in taking things to the next level. However, on Sunday's episode, it became apparent that Mokkie is feeling restless. She told the boys that she wants to be reassured that she's the apple of their eye. She also asked them to tell her when they are reconsidering. 


Mbali has found favour in the eyes of Test and Rainbow. Having dated several singles in the house, Mbali's bond with the couple seemed to be the most stable relationship Test and Rainbow have found so far. With that said, she fessed up to her new romance with Kefentse on last week's episode. Test and Rainbow said they do not mind. Will she be rewarded for her honesty, or bite the dust for falling for someone else? 


The feisty beauty has not been mincing her words this season. With all the feuds she has in the villa, one wonders if Lungile will be surving the upcoming mass departure.


Nosipho has settled comfortably with Hope and Lesego. But, while we might assume she's safe from elimination, there are a couple of things needing to be ironed out. Lesego is smitten with her, but Hope has not been as forthcoming. Unless both parties are on the same page, anything can still happen. 

So, who will be heading home? Take part in the quiz and tune in on Mzansi Magic. 

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