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The hottest kisses on S'jola Sonke

15 May 2023
One thing about the couples and the hopeful singles? They will smooch it up in the villa!
S'jola Sonke  Kisses

Over the past few weeks, Tsywza has had a lot of keeping up to do. The season 1 host for S'Jola Sonke has had to stay focused on the ever-changing dynamics in the villa, as the couples continue their search for new romantic partners.

Since the arrival of the hopeful singles, who look to explore polyamory by joining the couples in their bliss, a lot has taken place on the popular Mzansi Magic dating series. 

The passionate kisses shared between couples and singles have been causing a frenzy on the internet. Take, for example, that one sexy smooch between Hope and single arrival Nosipho. Here is a look at some of the hottest kisses so far; 

Kwanele and Ntlhe 

Within minutes of Kwanele meeting Nthle, the two had already sparked enough of a connection to get up close and personal. Nthle had just entered the villa along with other new singles who had been introduced to the villa.

Kwanele was moved by his looks and needed his kissing abilities put to a test, immediately. Sadly for Ntlhe, however, he was sent packing this past Sunday. 

Kwanele and Noni 

One thing about Kwanele, a.k.a Finch, he will lock lips with anyone he finds cute enough. In one of the season's most talked-about smooches, the two shared an intimate kiss that warranted a discussion between Kwanele and his boyfriend, Juju.

There will be no more hot sessions between the two, however, as Noni was sent home during Sunday's episode. Kwanele and Juju reasoned that she'd become too much of a distraction for their relationship. 

Juju and Chi Chi 

While Juju makes moves with the singles in the villa, Juju is playing no support act. The flirty Maboneng native has also explored how far things could go with Chi Chi, who expressed a decent amount of interest in trying things out with the couple.

With Chi Chi now out of the villa, the number of potential lovers has decreased. Will Kwanele and Juju still find their third partner?

Lesego and Nosipho 

Hope and Lesego came to S'jola Sonke hoping to add a third girly to their relationship. The fiancés revealed how they've always loved the idea of polyamory and were ready to get hitched in a multi-partner set-up.


Nosipho's arrival sparked hope in Lesego (no pun intended), and the pair were soon dipping and diving in the pool together. While that was fun, it didn't take long for Lesego and Hope to call it off. 

Rainbow and Theo 

Now that he has left the villa, Theo will sure miss his wild smacker with Rainbow. 

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