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P-O-L-Y-A-M-O-R-Y explained — S’jola Sonke

23 June 2023
We spill on the concept behind S'jola Sonke.
S'jola Sonke

Every Sunday, couples, and singles who are interested in exploring alternative and unconventional relationships navigate life together in a villa. The real-life couples, some already engaged and others boasting years of solid love, intend to find one or more potential lovers to add to their relationships. Similarly, the singles are keen to explore the possibilities of dating a couple and in the end, graduate to full-blown polygamy. 

You might wonder; isn't that cheating? You might think that relationships typically involve two partners. But, as we've learned on S'jola Sonke, that is just one way of experiencing romance. There are other, equally fulfilling and authentic ways of approaching relationships and dating. Making the circle bigger may sound daunting to some, but there are many people who couldn't be bothered to adhere to old rules. 

Let's look at what polyamory means through the abbreviation method. 

P - Proud. If you associate dating multiple partners with shame, you are out in the cold. By yourself. The cast of S'jola Sonke is clear on their preferences and is interested in exploring this with integrity, fun, and authenticity. 

O - Openness. Negotiating dynamics within a polyamorous relationship requires a heightened level of openness, transparency and integrity. You are in a relationship with more than one person. As such, everyone will need to keep communication channels open and running. 

L - Love. Often, those with an interest in polyamory talk about having too much love to contain with a monogamous framework. 

Y - yielding. There are so many benefits. We bet you'd love to think about how much they save. 

A - Amazing. What's better than being loved by one? Being loved by two sounds like it slaps, we can't lie. 

M - More. More kisses, more hugs, more intimacy. More problems too but they will be shared amongst more people, so that checks out. 

O - Ombudsman? Obviously to intervene and audit any foul play from any of the partners. 

R - Romance, and lots of it. Think about a throuple's Valentine's Day. 

Y - Yes. The S'jola Sonke has kept saying yes to fun, adventure, exploring and love. 

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