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Kefentse - "I'm the jealous type" — S’jola Sonke

03 July 2023
It turns out four might be crowd for Kefentse.
S'jola Sonke

Kefentse wants Mbali all to himself. "You know that I'm the jealous type", he revealed to her during an intimate, heart-to-heart on Sunday night's episode of S'jola Sonke. He added that he knows that's how she feels too, and that the two should therefore limit the amount of openness they have to other couples and singles coming into their relationship. 

The former playhouse resident left Mbali stunned with his revelation, For two reasons; they are both on a dating show centred on the idea of adding multiple partners to a relationship. If he is the jealous type, maybe the villa would not have been the best place to pursue monogamous ideals. Kefentse knows that, however, and has been open to the adventures of the experience. 

The switch also came suddenly to him, and he was not about to keep it all bottled up out of fear of ruining things with Mbali. If anything, letting her know that he does not care too much for all the kiki-ing with Test and Rainbow, is one way to solidify what they already have together. Being in the villa for the first time gave Kefentse a new perspective on what happens, and he fears that Mbali might really be falling for Test and Rainbow. 

"Obviously when people spend a lot of time together, they end up liking each other." 

Mbali, on the other hand, appeared to be taken aback by the admission. 

For one, she recently downplayed the relationship with her potential couple Test and Rainbow. Although the pair had already okayed her relationship with Kefentse, saying it does not disrupt what they have with Mbali, she went on to make it clear that the couple remains a priority to her. 

Is anyone playing a game? 

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