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Inside the posh villa — S’jola Sonke

10 July 2023
The luxurious crib mesmerised viewers every week! Here's a cruise inside the upmarket residence that housed the faves.
S'jola Sonke

In the autumn of 2023, 17 hot singles and three couples entered a lush villa in an undisclosed, upmarket location in Johannesburg. For more than three months, residents of this luxurious crib navigated relationships in hopes of finding one or more romantic partners for a polyamorous connection.

And each week, viewers were treated to breathtaking visuals and drone shots of the enormous and dreamy home. On-screen, the mansion scales a large area of land. In real life, it looks even bigger. After all, it did house more than 23 individuals. That excludes the crew, which had to be present to capture every moment during the taping of the popular dating show. 

No one wants to talk about it, but there is absolutely a production crew present to - you know - actually film the entire thing. How big would the villa have to be to accommodate so many without running out of space for all the activities that took place in the house? 

Viewers got to see the kitchen. In addition to the spiffy decor and design, the space had enough room to fit a sizeable chunk of the cast without looking crowded. Whenever they wanted to hang out, get some food, twerk, flirt or engage in some fun gossip, games and more, the villa roomies encountered no issues. 

The backyard is even bigger. It also had multiple sections that served different functions where the cast engaged in games, dates and other activities. The sports area had a tennis and a basketball court. The beautifully lit pool served pure luxury. It also gave the couples and singles an ample chill area to socialise and get to know each other. 

We can't reveal the location because that would be silly, but wow! 

Sjola Sonke aired its first season on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161, every Sunday at 21:00. Keep an eye out for more details on Mzansi Magic’s social media channels,Facebook,TwitterInstagram, and TikTok