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Inside Kwanele and Juju's heated argument — S’jola Sonke

03 July 2023
Unspoken frustrations finally exploded in the villa.
Kwanele and Juju S'jola Sonke

The couples had one job - to conduct polyamorous mjolo without the extra burden of mgowo. But on Sunday night's episode of the popular Mzansi Magic reality series, the couples crumbled under the pressure.

It's been a long time coming, and Juju and Kwanele could no longer contain their long-held frustrations. The short summary is; they have struggled to agree on which partner to move forward with from the experience.

While the Maboneng lovebirds have been able to cultivate promising connections in the villa, none of them have been the perfect match for them as a couple. 

A longer summary would certainly take the whole day to unpack. The gist of it, however, is that the couple has had a difficult time in navigating the complex dynamics involved with dating multiple partners. This is what Kwanele and Juju want, as they said so clearly in this chat. 

However, with the show edging closer to the finish line, the couple has to decide who they are settling down. Julius, who has remained the more laid-back party for most of the season, has had enough of Kwanele not being as supportive of the partners that he chooses. 

During Sunday's heated confrontation, the couple had their biggest fight in the villa yet. Julius flew into a rage over Kwalene's reluctance to entertain the idea of Tremaine being the possible third partner in the relationship.

Kwanele, on the other hand, felt that Julius had started prioritizing Tremaine over him, even to the point of both of them ganging up on him. 

Julius did not take any of the points laying low. He put his feet down in defending his connection with Tremaine, and slammed Kwanele for being hypocritical. Throughout the season, Juju felt that he had done everything to be more supportive of the connections made by Kwanele in the house. 

In the end, however, the couple seemed to have realised that there was something worth fighting for in their relationship. In a stunning turn of events, Kwanele went down on his knee and proposed to Julius, who said yes in a room filled with awe. 

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