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Throuple trouble for Hope, Lesego and Nosipho — S’jola Sonke

21 June 2023
A recap of throuple; Hope, Lesego and Nosipho.
S'jola Sonke

Out of all the couples on S’jola Sonke, Hope and Lesego have managed to cultivate the most consistent potential for a third partner in their relationship. While Test and Rainbow, and Juju and Kwanele all struggle to settle into something solid in the villa, Hope and Lesego have managed to make progress in their quest for a polyamorous relationship.

That said, the throuple’s journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. In fact, the ability to zone in focus on just one person could be the only thing setting Hope and Lesego apart from the mgowo in the villa right now. Furthermore, the fact that they’ve remained united in their quest, has meant less chaos in their corner.

That hasn’t been enough, unfortunately. While Lesego has gravitated towards Nosipho with a higher level of certainty, Lesego hasn’t been as forthcoming. Over the past few episodes, we’ve seen the throuple struggle to find a balance that will not upset their foundations.

At the end of the day, for the relationship to work, both Hope and Lesego will have to be happy with whoever they decide to bring into the relationship.

While Hope has been trying her best to be open to Nosipho, the honeymoon fever has continued to be rather elusive in reaching. This could be why Nosipho keeps snapping at Nosipho, whom she has said is trying a little hard to gain her approval.

For example, during that big argument in the villa, where Karma Boo and Hope were going at it, Nosipho checked in with Hope, asking if she was okay. Hope shut that whole intervention down, saying; “If I’ve said I am fine, that means I am fine.”


Lesego is fully committed to the throuple, and hopes all three parties will be able to reconcile their differences and proceed as a unified force. 

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