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5 things we learned from Tswyza — S’jola Sonke

10 July 2023
The master of many crafts delivered a fire season!
S'jola Sonke

There's never a dull moment with Tsywza in the room. On season one of S'jola Sonke, the multi-hyphenate charisma-Tron served up all the iconic moments we hoped for. When we caught up with Tswyza in an interview ahead of the show's reunion, he indicated that one of the things that helped him to connect with the cast was remaining neutral. 

He had to, otherwise his natural comedic timing would have been disrupted. Real name Kope Makgae often had many hats to wear on the show. Aside from being the host-with-the-most, Tswyza also found himself having to play big brother, close friend, head master, comedian and sometimes, the good ol' shrink. 

Now that S'jola Sonke has wrapped up its first - and dramatic season - we look back at what we learned from Tswyza. 


It goes without saying that actor and comedian has mastered the art of setting the room on fire with jokes. While the format of S'jola Sonke did not give him a stage and a mic, it did give plenty of interactions. It is here that Tswyza's quick wit and a massive repertoire of fast-flowing jokes were put on display. 


Each episode came with its own fair share of drama among the cast. When the couples were not having an argument, it was the singles having a go at each other. Fortunately, for every misunderstanding, Tswyza kept a position where no sides were taken. 


You do not have to understand every single thing about everyone, but you can apply the simple rule of compassion to honour their humanity. This is how Tswyza was able to find the middle ground for Karma The Boo, Hope and Lungile. 


As much as speaking is one of the man's talents, listening also seemed to be part of his well-honed skills set. At the reunion, Tswyza needed to hear all sides. He asked the questions and allowed everyone to have their moment. 


Is there anything better than being oneself? Tsywza is unlike any other, and it shows. Throughout the show, he embodied all the things we love about him while adapting to a new and exciting format with a refreshing sense of flexibility. 

Sjola Sonke aired its first season on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161, every Sunday at 21:00. Keep an eye out for more details on Mzansi Magic’s social media channels,Facebook,TwitterInstagram, and TikTok