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What happened to Oupa? – Rockville

09 May 2021
Lindi and JB’s marriage is already rocky, so how will they explain what happened to Oupa to ther family?
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Who can ever forget how dashing Oupa looked the night he was going out for dinner in that tailored yellow suit? Little did we know it was the last time we would see Oupa in that bright suit and his bright smile.

It seems that trying to keep the hotel will end up costing Lindi and JB their marriage and loved ones. Oupa is the first casualty but really their marriage took a knock first.

Lindi is struggling to keep up with all of JB’s secrets as they come out in dribs and drabs. JB Is struggling to level with his wife on all his dealings as he tries to protect her from the truth and the severity of the rouble he is in.

Their newest challenge will be explain to Mavis what happened to the son she loves so much, Oupa. One moment he was stealing a kiss with his lover and the next he was on the floor with gunshot wounds to his chest. Oupa’s mistake – being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Can Lindi and JB’s marriage survive losing Oupa and having to lie about what happened to him?

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