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JB always playing hero – Rockville

24 May 2021
JB has realised that he has a hero-complex but he never expected that it would land him a son.
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If we could title this past episode of Rockville anything, it would be “These are my confessions”. It seems everyone has a secret or confession to tell.

Lindi told JB that she kissed Sipho and just as JB was ready to tell her about kissing Buhle, Sipho interrupted with his own confession regarding his secret relationship with Adonis (who had just escaped).

In his classic hero-complex modus operandi, JB sought to mend bridges with Vicky after her betrayal but he got more than the forgiveness he bargained for – he got an entire human being! It turns out Vicky’s son, Delani is actually the love child she had with JB but little did he know until that moment.

Now, JB has another confession to add to the list of secrets he has been keeping from Lindi. Their marriage is barely hanging on because of all the secrets he has kept from her and Oupa’s recent death.

Can JB and Lindi’s marriage survive finding out that Delani is his son?

You may not know the answer to that but a few of you had considered the possibility that JB is the father of Vicky’s son:

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