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Ring Of Lies: Love lives here...and there

27 September 2017
Who does Neo really love?
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Neo and Sli have found a way back to their common ground. Having been torn out of a troubled relationship and lost a child in the process, they share a deep history. One that is also complicated by the fact that, traditionally, their lost child’s spirit was wandering and needed to be calmed. Afflicted, Sli brought her family and Neo together for a cleansing ceremony.

When Sli broke up with Neo in season one, we all mourned the loss of a love that started out on such innocence and promise only to end tragically and marred by the death of loved ones. The truth is, it all became far too overwhelming to carry.

But did it all mean that the love was gone?

It would appear that it was placed on the back burner. Sli seemed to be moving on. While singer and charmer Buzwe swept her off her feet it was very short lived. Soon enough he showed us his true colours and trampled all over her heart and hopes.

Back at the village, Neo fell into a blissful romance with the fearless and spirited Rendani. So entwined they became in one another’s dreams that they made big plans to run away together, away from Rendani’s controlling father and his outdated rules.

Things did not go as planned between the new lovebirds. Thanks to Lutendo, their escape was found-out and Rendani was forced back home and instructed to marry an older man. She was also instructed never to fight again.

Thankfully, in the absence of her husband, Rendani’s mother has given her daughter the chance to head to Joburg and pursue her dream.

Now that Sli and Neo are back together again and trying things out, where does this leave Rendani? Now that there is no distance to separate him from Rendani, will he consider picking up where he left off with her?

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