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Ring Of Lies: Does Stukkie have the answers?

06 September 2017
That Shandukani and Stukkie kind of love!
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Every love story is perfect at the beginning. If it isn’t love at first sight, it’s certainly bellies full of butterflies and hearts pouring over in infatuation. It’s the beginning of the proverbial honeymoon stage where lovers view life through rose-tinted lenses. It’s all love. Until it’s not.

Shandukani and Stukkie’s love story started off perfectly, if comically. Neo’s lanky and loopy uncle next to fabulous diva Shandukani is an unlikely match made in heaven. A match that’s caught out hearts because theirs is a love that bursts at the seams.

And then came the test of their love.

Stukkie picked up some odd behaviour from Shandu and after doing a bit of digging and snooping and a whole lot of assuming, he arrived at the conclusion that she was cheating on him.

In Stukkies defense however, Shandukani ways had gotten more than a little suspicious. When she was meeting strange men in secret it became clear to Stukkie that the woman he loved was hiding something from him. How could she when he showered her with all his love?

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The good news was that there was no cheating. But there were bad news. Shandu had a problem, an addiction of sorts, that led her down a troubled path. She is a ‘shopaholic’.  Indeed her disorder not only encouraged an unhealthy attachment to her shoes, handbags, hats, dresses and scarves but had now landed her in debt. Trapped in a world of trinkets and things, she need help. Financial help.

This was all too puzzling for Stukkie. An awkward problem this was. He was also relieved. She was still his beloved Shandukani. She just had a worrying dark side. All the more reason for him to step in and protect her from loan sharks, clothing sales and herself.

Does Stukkie have the tools to truly rescue Shandu from her affliction?

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