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Queen Modjadji


What we learnt from the Queen Modjadji teaser

09 May 2024
Water is main character energy.
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Water, it is often said, is life. 🚰 And that is undeniable. It is a precious resource that is used in every aspect of daily living. 💦

When thinking of water, it is automatic to think of the Rain Queen, aka, Queen Modjadji. With the television drama starting in July, we unpack precious clues from the teaser about what the show has in store.

Watch it here.

Water is scarce

We see an opening scene of brown dry sand. There’s plenty of it and two men are furiously digging. Having found a bit of water in the bowels of the earth, they scream out water. They sound relieved.

The location is mind blowing

The set shows there is a lot of nature featured. It beautifully encapsulates the country.

Lightening? Check. Torrential rain? Check. Trees? Check.

It evokes a longing of yesteryear

The show encapsulates a chapter of Mzansi’s important history. No doubt, with some creative license, this display of the past will leave everyone panting for more. And it will live long in the hearts and minds of viewers.

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Featured image: Pezibear, Pixabay