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What we didn’t know about the cast – Queen Modjadji

19 June 2024
It’s raining cool cast facts.

No doubt, Queen Modjadji is about to take Mzansi Magic by storm.

From braiding mama's hair to mastering accents, read on to discover things you might not know about our stellar cast.

Certified model – Makoma Mohale

Makoma Mohale, who portrays Maselekwani (Queen Modjadji), has worked hard to stand out in the large entertainment space. Although she is best known for her role as Tlhogi in eTV’s Scandal, she is also a certified professional model. Even though Mohale didn’t grow up speaking Khelovedu, while filming Queen Modjadji, she fell even more in love with her culture.


Hair guru – Wiseman Zitha

Young men continue to give female hairstylists a run for their money. Taking to X, Wiseman Zitha, who plays Mamaila, shared with his fans that he does his mother’s hair. In fact, according to his post, he has been doing it since he was just a little boy.

Sports and language enthusiast – Mudi Mudau

Apart from acting, veteran Mudi Mudau, who plays Khadikhulu, is a sports fanatic. She is passionate about cycling, a sport she excels in. She’s also a language enthusiast and delivers convincing American, British, and generic African accents. Did you know? Mudau learnt how to speak Khelobedu on the set of Queen Modjadji.

Film director and producer – Thabo Bopape

Thabo Bopape, who plays Mambo Mugodo, is comfortable as a film director and producer. Just like his co-star Mudi Mudau, Bopape is also passionate about languages. In addition to South African languages, he is fluent in Angolan Portuguese, Shona, and Spanish and can speak in an Angolan, US Southern, and a general American accent.

Somatologist – Helen Lebepe

Helen Lebepe, who portrays Raisibe, is originally from a village in Balobedu and holds a National Diploma in Somatology.


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