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Mzansi Magic launches Sounds of Khelovedu – Queen Modjadji

21 May 2024
The Rain Queen viewers to create Sounds of Khelovedu lip-syncing content.
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Mzansi Magic is proud to announce the launch of "Sounds of Khelovedu", an exciting social media campaign aimed at celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Queen Modjadji and the Valovedu people ahead of the show which will air in July 2024 on Mzansi Magic, channel 161.

 Sounds of Khelovedu is a platform that will allow the channel’s viewers to engage with and directly create excitement around the Queen Modjadji drama series. Through this content creation campaign, snippets of iconic scenes from the drama series will be made available to viewers to create lip-syncing content on the TikTok platform.

This is not only to get people to tune in and watch the drama series on Mzansi Magic but to balance between entertainment and education. It also offers viewers both an enjoyable viewing experience and an opportunity to learn about the rich history, language, and culture of the Valovedu community.

This campaign has seen Lucy van Schalkwyk, Thato Malebati, Gogo & Mo, and Keletjo Phoshoko, take on the intriguing story of the Rain Queen to life and some of their followers have joined in by learning  the beautiful Khelovedu language. Mzansi Magic encourages all Africans to participate and familiarise themselves with Khelovedu just before the series starts.

Queen Modjadji season 1 kicks off on Sunday 14 July at 20:00 on DStv, Mzansi Magic channel 161.

For Queen Modjadji updates, join in the conversation by using the hashtag #QueenModjadjiMzansi and #SoundsofKhelovedu on our social media platforms Facebook, XInstagram, and TikTok.