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Learning Khelovedu with TikTok – Queen Modjadji

26 April 2024
Sounds of Khelovedu.
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Mzansi Magic's epic new series Queen Modjadji is coming to your screens this July. This incredible series will unfold the historical tale of the renowned queen of the Balobedu and acquaint us with their language Khelovedu.

If you're unfamiliar with the language – and can't wait until July – following #SoundsOfKhelovedu on TikTok will school you and entertain you until then.

Check out some of the videos below then hop on and add your own to the mix using #SoundsOfKhelovedu and #QueenModjadjiMzansi. We can't wait to see what you've got.

Let's start with a greeting.

Thato Jason Malebati breaks it down.

Take your seats, boys and girls.

Thato is back!

"You swear you are hearing sound effects from a karate movie." Ai Thato! 🙈

Done with so much passion! 

Queen Modjadji is produced for MultiChoice by Rhythm World Productions. Join the conversation on Facebook, XInstagram, and TikTok using #QueenModjadjiMzansi.